January 20, 2017


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by conniecovert
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Finding homes that you really “love” can be fun and exciting, but also frustrating. With inventory still low, some Realtors won’t go the extra mile and seek out other avenues to find you the home you’ll “love.” So, I’d like to talk about what makes ME different in what I do to achieve YOUR goals.

When I started in real estate, buyers were who I worked with. Now, seven years later, they are my SPECIALTY. This is what I’ve found that was needed for this AWESOME group of buyers:

1. A REaltor that listens and consults
2. A REaltor with patience and gives guidance
3. A REaltor who does not have their own agenda, puts the home buyers needs first
4. A REaltor who walks them through the process, has a reliable/honest TEAM that the home buyer will need during the transaction and after!

These are the things I do in my business. I feel that this makes for really great relationship that will last. They know they can trust me and anyone they refer to me will be respected and treated right.

So, for the home buyers out there….I’m happy to just consult with you about your real estate needs and wants, before we start the journey of finding your perfect ┬áhome!

I appreciate you taking time to read my blogs, I hope to bring value, interesting material and some peace of mind in this wonderful transaction of you becoming a “Home Owner”

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